AppWeigh 3.0 has arrived!

With longer battery life, better broadcast range and higher accuracy, the new AppWeigh sensor is the best available. Not only did we ensure this sensor is the most durable and best performing, it includes our Rapid-Load™ sensing technology, automatically increasing broadcast time from 15 seconds to every 2 seconds during periods of rapid weight increase.

With zero risk for 90 days, see for yourself why the company that started it all is the brand trusted worldwide.

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How AppWeigh Works

Easy Installation

AppWeigh’s long-lasting and easily replaced battery means NO WIRING NEEDED for installation! Just insert the included tee fitting within your air suspension, and mount the sensor(s) within range of user. Buy now ›

Quick App Setup

For iPhone or Android, simply download the free AppWeigh App and create your equipment profiles. Pair and calibrate within the app! Buy now ›

Real Time Weight

AppWeigh shows your truck and trailer weights on your phone or tablet before you leave the loading site. Buy now ›

View Your Truck & Trailer Weight on Any Device

  • Free App – The AppWeigh app is always free for the individual trucker to download, install and use.
  • Rapid-Load™ – Automatically increases broadcast time when loading rapidly, helping maximize loads while saving battery life.
  • Cloud Backup – AppWeigh is always backed up to ensure you never lose your equipment profiles or sensor paring & calibration, even if you lose your phone or tablet.
  • The Original – We invented this technology and we stand behind it.

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Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

As the only truck weight management tool of its kind, the AppWeigh sensor is powered by a standard coin cell battery for a quick and simple DIY install with no hard-wiring involved. Not only does this allow for a fast installation, but it eliminates concern about voiding your manufacturer’s electrical warranty.

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Battery Life


What AppWeigh Weight Sensor Customers are Saying

AppWeigh “Smart Scales” are the Bluetooth enabled weight sensor and app for air suspension trucks and trailers that clearly displays your truck weight on your smart phone to help you load safely and legally. Buy today ›

Works perfect!

Use ’em everyday, so easy to install and works perfect!

Aaron Fuller
Social Media
Super easy!

Got mine set up today. Super easy and wish I did it years ago!! Very cool.

Nate Mangelsdorf
Social Media
Best investment!

I’ve had it about 3-4 months now… Probably one of the best investments I’ve made.

Bryan Wilson
Trucking Trade Show
Very accurate!

Best $ my company has spent, easy to calibrate, app is easy to use, can add multiple trailers, very accurate.

Jeffrey Lane
Social Media